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Rose cony island

I was having trouble finding some of the setting but after that it was simple

sunset animation

I learned how to add text and make the camera zoom in. Along with how to make thing fade in and out while moving.

Animation final

This is my animation final, it is a sunset going behind the mountains. I was having trouble getting the frames to work the way I wanted but once i did it was smooth sailing.

Animate Bunny hop

I was able to make the bunny hop forward. I learned how to use animate and how to upload it to YouTube. I struggled to get the background to be in the center. Once I got it I had a pretty easy time.

Space dance battle

The story takes place in a Space Cafe, where the soldiers currently are at lunch. Two of the soldiers get in a fight over tea due to the fact that it is the last one in stock for about a month until a new shipment arrives. So, instead of physical violence and risking getting kicked…

Elements of art videos assignment

While watching I was able to realize how much of an effect color has in life. While watching it i realized how much color was used and how much color is all around us. It’s crazy to think about how much color there actually is around us. Also how much we take for granted that…


for the thaumotrope I made a dog hitting a ball with its nose. I had trouble getting the ball line up with the dogs nose. Once I got past the lining up of the ball it was fairly easy.


I made the pencil act like a fish for anticipation. I was having trouble with getting the pencil to move at a good speed. once i finally got the pencil to move how I wanted it to this was fairly easy.

ease in and ease out

For this I made the sticky note speed up and slow down. I had trouble at first trying to get the sticky note in the right place while keeping the camera in the same place. Once i had a reference for where the camera should be it was fairly easy trying to make the sticky…

squash and stretch

What I did was made the ball bounce up and down while squashing and stretching. I struggled to make the ball look fluid going up and down. I was able to fix it by making the frames closer together.


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