Space dance battle

The story takes place in a Space Cafe, where the soldiers currently are at lunch. Two of the soldiers get in a fight over tea due to the fact that it is the last one in stock for about a month until a new shipment arrives. So, instead of physical violence and risking getting kicked out of their favorite cafe, they instead resort to a dance battle, presenting entertainment and a problem solved with no harm done to the cafe or people around the area, and ironically the lunch lady finds a second tea, which the winner also takes.We used final cut pro for editing,lighting,and scene arrangement, we used more of a stop motion approach for are short film and had 2 shots per frame.We ended up using a piece of cardboard as the background with some paper taped to it. To take the pictures we used a camera that was in Mr. L’s room as well as a voice recorder to get the background noise. We used clay to make the characters that we used in the background. We also used tea to make the tea that was used.

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